:: Instructions for authors and participants

Here is a simple guide to register and paper submission:
1. First-time users are required to register via signup link (https://holography2024.du.ac.ir/users/signup.php?lang=en). It will be helpful if you write your WhatsApp number in the field of Mobile.
2. After filling out the form, click on the Register icon. Then you will receive an auto-reply from [hamayesh@du.ac.ir] (check also spam folder).
3. Go to the Login link (https://holography2024.du.ac.ir/users/login.php?lang=en) and use your registered email address together your selected password to login.
4. Before making submissions please prepare your paper using the sample https://holography2024.du.ac.ir/en/files.php?rid=1
5. In your dashboard, click on the paper submission menu.
6. Input paper details together authors information and click submit.
7. You will receive an auto-reply letter from [hamayesh@du.ac.ir] (check also spam folder) confirming your successful submission.
8. In your dashboard, click on the paper status menu and submit your fulltex paper to send your paper, and also submit your abstract (in the Sources box please write your paper references according to the instruction below the box). If you have more than one file (like your source files), please send them via a zipped file.
9. Wait for the scientific committee's decision about your paper.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Virtual Link


In-Person Conference Room

Address: LIB 312, Department of Mathematics, Kelowna Campus, UBC Okanagan, Canada.
Dates: August 17-18, 2024
Time: 7:00-19:00

Important Dates

Call for Full Text Articles and Registration:

Deadline for Full Text Articles and Abstracts:

Deadline for Registration of Virtual Participants without Submitting an Article:

Date of the Conference:


Paper Template

Use the paper template to submit your papers.


The best talk prize: 20,000,000 IRR

The best poster presentation prize: 10,000,000 IRR

The best paper prize for industrial application of holography: 30,000,000 IRR